Yoga and Meditation Retreats

Going on yoga and meditation retreats is an excellent way to de-stress from the constant demands of work and family life, go deeper into one’s personal practice, and learn more about oneself. Retreats are essential especially for those seeking consciousness expansion through yoga, as being on retreat removes all the distractions of daily life and facilitates focus exclusively on practice. Throughout the year, Shanti Marg offers numerous retreats that are held at our location in Saratoga Springs, in the Adirondack mountains, the forests of Massachusetts, or India. Practicing in a natural environment is, in our approach, an essential aspect of the retreat, as doing so brings greater peace of mind and helps us reconnect to nature and our natural, unconditioned selves. Length can vary between one day and one month, and they are often held on weekends. Check out our blog or Facebook page for updates on our next retreat!