Stress Management Workshops

As a consequence of the society humanity has created for itself, stress has become a dominant feature of most peoples’ lives. With perpetual deadlines and bottom lines to meet, the notion of work itself has become inextricably connected with symptoms of stress for many of us. Not only does chronic stress impair our health and happiness, it is even detrimental to workplace productivity as well: in the UK alone, it is estimated that stress, anxiety, and depression led to a total of 12.5 million working days lost in 2016. Is it possible to live in the modern world and seek advancement in one’s career while at the same time maintaining peace of mind and satisfaction? Yoga, meditation, exercise, and some right understanding offer us this possibility.

To realize this vision of a society that is both efficient and happy, we offer workshops in managing workplace and personal stress. These can include the following:

-Presentation on the the science of stress and the therapeutic potential of yoga

-Yogic asanas for developing concentration, relaxation, and self-introspection

-Yogic exercises for at work

-Guided deep relaxation meditation

-Group discussion

Our approach is to combine practical techniques which give immediate and long term benefits, while at the same time sharing what ancient philosophy and modern psychology have to say on the nature of work and managing the mind. Companies, health care settings, university departments, and more stand to benefit tremendously from a workforce free of mental tension and stress. Numerous studies have demonstrated both the therapeutic value of yoga and meditation, and the economic and social effect of a content and stress-free workplace. For more information, please contact Madhav at